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Top 10 favorite short stories

My only complaint about short fiction is that I don’t have time to read more of it. That said, here’s my current top ten list of short stories (listed in the order they came to me). I hope you’ll post a comment about your faves.

1. “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” By Flannery O’Connor

2. “Red Weather.” By Lewis Buzbee (from the After the Gold Rush collection).

3. “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.” By Raymond Carver

4. “The Twenty-seventh Man.” By Nathan Englander.

5. “Brokeback Mountain.” By Annie Proulx

6. “Everything that Rises Must Converge.” By Flannery O’Connor

7. “The Masque of Red Death.” By Edgar Alan Poe

8. “The Chrysanthemums.” By John Steinbeck

9. “Hills Like White Elephants.” By Ernest Hemingway

10. “How to Date a Brown Girl.” By Juno Diaz


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