champagneI’m in a writing group. We’re four serious writers. All published, and all writing regularly with an eye towards improving our craft and consistent publication.  We share our work, successes, frustrations, a lot of laughter and now and then a few tears. 

When I’m with these three women I feel like I’m home.  And when great things happen to them, they happen to me too.

There’s been plenty to celebrate lately. Elizabeth landed an agent for her kick-ass historical fiction novel (this after having a dozen plus stories accepted). Mary just found an agent for a  fantastic, tipping-point (mark my words), non-fiction book about “archetypal soulscapes.” Annie, a southernerner with a wry and wacky sense of humor has had ten poems published. She’s now in the homestretch of a novel about two sisters, their mother’s murder, a newspaper reporter with a weakness for gossip and baubles, and a voodoo doll named Lolo. Original? You bet.

I’ve been in half a dozen writing groups over the years. This one’s a keeper. Congratulations, dear friends. Thanks for keeping me honest, and writing.


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