Aha Moment

roadAt the risk of being morbid on this bright Monday morning, I want to share an aha moment. 

Last night I was getting onto Highway 101, heading home from a meeting with friends. It was pouring rain. A scruffy terrier-mix ran across the freeway and into the onramp lane. I braked and pulled over. The dog continued frantically up the shoulder. A few other cars slowed down or pulled over. Traffic whizzed by. 

I suspect we were all asking ourselves, “Now, what?” The shoulder was narrow. Getting out of the car would be suicide. And the terrier was probably too freaked out to come to a stranger.

In horror, we watched the dog scamper blindly across the freeway in the opposite direction, towards the center divider. Cars were braking, trying to dodge him. Seconds later, the terrier lay in the fast lane, motionless.

It one of those moments. The realization of a simple, bare truth: Death happens. Sometimes in the blink of an eye. There are no words for this. And yet, we try.

Have you had an experience where the truth became so clear  there was nothing you could say? That an explanation or past association seemed like grasping at straws?

Your aha moment doesn’t have to  be about death. It can be anything you’ve been through or witnessed–in a relationship, job, creative endeavor, while traveling; at a party, on a bus, or all by your lonesome. A happy aha or a sobering one.


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