Blowing my horn


DOYLE, Lee. The Love We All Wait For. 286p. Komenar. 2008. Tr $24.95. ISBN 978-0-9817271-0-3.

Adult/High School—In a small town in California’s Salinas Valley in the 1970s, little seems to change. For teenage Sheila O’Connor, however, things are changing much too quickly. She misses her father, who died in an accident several years earlier, and resents her mother’s upcoming marriage to a local businessman. Her younger sister, unlike Sheila, adores her future stepfather, and her brother is leaving home to join the Marines. Even the family dog is getting old and frail. Sheila’s anger at losing the secure familiarity of her childhood is tempered by the growing attractions of the adult world, especially in the form of a handsome drifter who wanders into town. As her mother’s wedding approaches and friends from school look to her for help with problems of their own, Sheila’s past and future collide in a violent explosion. Doyle has written a moving story of a girl with a lot of sense and a lot of heart struggling to give up the comfort of childhood to find her place in the world.—Sandy Schmitz, School Library Journal

Not bad for a small-town girl.


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