Wii Luv Lit.

bookBored with just reading on the sofa? Grossed out by the sweat dripping onto your book as you shed calories on the stairmaster?

Now you can read, exercise, and lose weight without,  well…having to read.  Introducing Bookworm for the Wii

As with all Wii games, Bookworm for the Wii lets you pick your persona (AKA avatar): short or tall, fat or skinny, dark hair or fair, green eyes or brown, with or without glasses, and/or facial hair. Next, you select the genre or author you want.  Will it be a classic before work this morning? Thriller? Romance? Chic Lit?  Mystery?  Grisham, Dickens? Steinbeck? Austen?  

Ready for the exercise part?  Easy-peasy. Simply wave the Wii remote at your TV screen to open your virtual book. As I said, you don’t have to read. Just press the forward arrow and listen, as the Wii takes you through the book faster than it takes you to read this blog post.  Kind of like an audio book, only with hand motions, and at the speed of your old LPs played at 45. Guaranteed to burn at least 100 calories.  And think how interesting you’ll be at cocktail parties.   

Next out from Nintendo: Novelists for the Wii. Invite your writer friends to your home, fire up the Wii, and see who can produce a first draft in ten minutes or less.



  1. ann hall said

    Lee’s book is the best. We must get her on the Colbert show immediately!

  2. lwdoyle said

    I must pay you more to say these great things, Miss Annie.

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