Where possums lurk



People have been asking me about my next book.  To quote Bernard Malamud (his novel The Fixer won the Pulitzer in 1967), “First drafts are for learning what your story or novel is about.” With this caveat in mind, here’s a snapshot of novel #2 as of late December 2008:

The Sweet Mundane (the working title) tells the story of Lynette Willits, a recent divorcee who belongs to a women’s group called “The Circle.” Despite the members’ best intentions, the group is anything but politically correct. Against a backdrop dishonesty and cattiness transpire a number of events, including the kidnapping of a newborn baby which the women justify as an act of charity.

My goal is to write a satirical and moving, unreliably narrated (by Lynette)  story of friendship, marriage, motherhood, and relationships among forty-something women.

God only knows if I’ll pull this off. Novels-in-progress have an agenda of their own, no matter what anyone tells you about the author’s power of choice. With any creative endeavor the artist has a vision, in my case a murky one.  I like to think of the creative equation as  artistic limitation + grandiosity + divine intervention; the sum is anyone’s guess. 

When I last left Lynette, she had just nailed the pesky neighborhood possum with a rock fired from her son’s slingshot. The wounded possum hobbled over the fence  and into the neighbor’s yard.  Lynette, who detests the nasty rodent is victorious.

However, Claire, a 21st Century Pollyanna, founder of The Circle, and Lynette’s nemesis is horrified. Claire suggests that Lynette’s violent action is the result of innate hostility towards fellow Circle members. But Lynette is no pushover; and Claire, optimistic and self-righteousness, is unlikely to bend. Fur is about to fly.   


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  1. Joel Drucker said

    Good stuff, Lee. Don’t stop.


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